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Pentru a treia oara, zilele astea am terminat serialul Oz. Ii interesant. Daca treci pentru violenta, nuditate, limbaj si numeroasele scene in care prizonieri sunt ucisi in cele mai sangeroase moduri (totusi, mic copil pe langa Criminal Minds), substratul serialului ridica niste intrebari asupra oamenilor, a societatii in care traim, a vietii din State (care se poate extinde si la restul lumii), la capacitatea de a reabilita, readuce la normal criminali, si, intr-un final, la normalitate si cum e perceputa ea, nu atat ca o chestiune psihologica sau religioasa, ci mai mult ca o chestiune geografica si legislativa.

Pentru ca naratiunea serialului si, uneori, replicile personajelor sunt cele care ridica aceste intrebari, o sa scriu mai jos cateva replici care, mie cel putin, mi-au placut. Unele sunt doar funny, altele sunt mai filozofice, altele doar exprima brut si simplu trairi, sentimente si „pure facts”.

Evil is the single thing that remained intact the past thousand years.

Praise the lord and pass the amunition.

And God said „Let there be light” and it was lighit. Well, that’s easy for God to say. He’s God.. But for the rest of us, finding the light takes time. A lifetime.

Me, I won’t be remembered for a thousand years. But the only thing I ask: if we pass on the street, notice me.

What the fuck is wrong with this country? In the old days, murder was murder. You killed someone, it was business, you sure as Christ didn’t eat them.

If sex is sweet and death is bitter, love is both. Love will always and forever break your heart

(un nazist in fata steagului Americii. The Irony:)When I kill a man it’s because his standing in the way of my constitutional rights. I kill to protect what’s mine, what God has given me. The Sicilians understand that, but, the rest of these fucks would cut a man for a pair of sneakers or a fucking cigarette. They are animals.

I’m a man of rationality. I consider every possibility, I factor in every outcome, and then I flip a coin.

When you die, what’s the best thing anyone will say about you? What’s the woorse? Somewhere in between is who you really are.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re satan’s tool.

un rus: What is rubber ducky? 
un american: A product of capitalist imperialism. 

 When Napoleon died in Exile, the doctors cut off his dick. They put his dick in an ornate jar and gave it to his priest; don’t ask me why. Over the years, Napoleon’s dick was sold and sold again to the highest bidder. To this day, at least three people claim to own Napoleon’s dick. But you see, it’s not important who owns the real dick. The big question is, well… who the fuck do those other two dicks belong to? 

Death is certain. Life is not. 

So, what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom? What makes us so different? We’re the only species who put our own kind in cages. 

So, what have we learned? What’s the lesson for today? For all the never-ending days and restless nights in Oz? That morality is transient? That virtue cannot exist without violence? That to be honest is to be flawed? That the giving and taking of love both debases and elevates us? That God or Allah or Yahweh has answers to questions we dare not even ask? The story is simple: a man lives in prison and dies. How he dies? That’s easy. The who and the why is the complex part. The human part. The only part worth knowing… 


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